Conscious Breathing

Breathing, but not as you know it

We have an intuitive understanding that the breath can regulate our mind and emotions. Most of us have either told others or been told ourselves to “take a deep breath” when things got challenging, yet because it is automatic we don't pay it much attention. 

Breathing is the only function in our body that is also completely under control (regulated, changed at will). This is the realm of Conscious Breathing, breathing with awareness and purpose to tap into its natural power.

In Breathzone, we took Conscious Breathing one step further and developed it into a complete system of Breath-based solutions under the umbrella of 

Transformational Conscious Breathing (C). 

Transformational Conscious Breathing (C), created by Breathzone, is the ultimate Breathing Practice

It offers the most comprehensive solution to anyone who would like to learn how to optimise the respiratory system and gain the mastery of their breath.

It combines wide variety of breathing techniques and practices and distils them into bespoke solutions for each client.

With our solutions, we can help you to

  • manage your Emotional, Mental and Physical state of being

  • build resilience and manage stress in a positive and proactive way

  • train your attention, boost clear thinking, creativity and performance

  • enhance your physical performance and health

Multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach

Transformational Conscious Breathing (c) has a unique blend of techniques and modalities including​

  • learning to Breathe Correctly​ 

    • Unique breath pattern analysis

    • Diaphragm activity analysis and activation techniques​

    • Diaphragmatic breathing

    • Posture

  • coaching

  • wide range of Breathing techniques customised for each client

  • body mapping and acupressure

  • sound and movement

  • meditation and positive visualisation

Does ONE or SEVERAL OF THESE sound familiar?  If it does, we can help

You may 

  • sense that you are not breathing well and want to figure out how to achieve your optimal breathing pattern

  • feel as if your breath gets 'stuck' in your chest — can’t get enough air or take a deep breath

  • find yourself occasionally holding your breath

  • have neck and shoulder pain that never seems to get better

  • feel fatigued and want to achieve a natural way to energise yourself

  • lack focus, have problems with memory or concentration

  • have high demand on your creativity and out of box thinking​

  • lead a stressful life and are concerned about the effect of constant stress on your brain and body

  • worry constantly, experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed by your stress

  • experience 'situational anxieties' (e.g. delivering presentations, public speaking) 

  • want to feel more centered and balanced

  • suffer from symptoms depression

  • have trouble sleeping—you can’t turn your brain off or experience 'chatter' that won’t stop

  • are looking to stay healthy, rejuvenate, and stave off the oxidative effect of stress in everyday life

  • would like to be able to meditate or looking to deepen your practice

  • would like to improve your perfermance in physical activities

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