Harness the power of your BREATHING and practical applications of MINDFULNESS 


Optimise your Well-being and Performance


Work and in Life

We breathe on average 25,000 times a day. How many are you aware of?  

For thousands of years, people have used the art of breathing for profound effects on the mind and body. 


The art of breathing - learning to use the breath mindfully and purposefully - is the foundation of Meditation and Mindfulness practices.

Breathing is the only system in the body that is both automatic and under our control. This is not an accident of nature, nor a coincidence. Breathing is in fact the most powerful self-management tool we all have.


Breathing is remarkable with scientifically proven abilities. Simply by changing the patterns of breathing, you can calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), improve physical health and endurance, elevate performance, and enhance relationships. 


Learning to use your breath is major skill if you want to become a high performing individual, bring clarity, focus, energy and calmness in everyday-life situations, and enhance every aspect of your life.

About Breathzone & Our work

Breathzone was founded by Melike Hussein, Certified Transformational Conscious Breathing ® Coach and Mindfulness Trainer, following 15 years of corporate experience in finance leadership roles.

Breathzone works with companies, institutions and public, offering bespoke private sessions, workshops and programmes.


In our work we tap into Conscious Breathing, practical application of Mindfulness and the latest research in neuroscience, delivering experiential learning and training events for our clients.

Our services are designed to train attention and focus; optimise performance; increase productivity and creativity; improve confidence, communication and presentational skills; proactively manage stress, anxiety; help manage negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear; alleviate fatigue and energise

All our offerings are now ONLINE, reaching our clients and participants across the world.

We are Online! - Our offerings

We design and delivery bespoke experiential learning and training programmes, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for our clients. Because each client is unique!

Our work has three components, which can be combined or delivered separately in each event.

Our signature work. Uniquely tailoring our rich repertoire of  Breathing techniques and practices to you, helping you attain your goals. ​

An exceptional deep, therapeutic breathing practice to help you go deeper, discover and release.

A unique practical application of Mindfulness as Attention and Focus training, in addition to its Health & Well-being focused qualities.

Our unique 360 degree approach

Our work address all three key components, underlying your Health, Well-being and Performance. 

 Optimum health of the body requires healthy supply of oxygen to your cells, which requires breathing correctly.

Scientific studies also revealed that 70% of toxins generated are eliminated through the breath.

Our work address 

  • physical health: we analyse your unique breathing pattern and help improve its efficiency, transforming your body’s health and vitality.

  • training attention and maintaining focus: we help you cultivate deep perception of and undivided attention to your physical experiences and sensations. 

Discover how to

  • enhance your respiratory function

  • have more energy

  • increase detoxification

  • boost your immune system

  • improve your circulatory and digestive systems

  • improve your ability to sleep well, concentrate as well as boost productivity

  • relieve muscle tension and pain

Your unique breathing pattern reflects your emotional and mental state. Perhaps you noticed that when you are stressed or anxious, your breath becomes short and shallow but when you feel calm, your breath is full and relaxed.

Breathing also has unique scientifically proven super power. It has the power of changing your emotional and mental state. It is a two-way communication.

Our work address

  • mental & emotional health: we help you to learn how to take control of your emotional and mental state by changing key elements of your breathing pattern, such as its depth, rate and rhythm.

  • attention and focus training for performance and productivity: we help you to develop these abilities with interactive and experiential practices. Just imagine the quantum shift to your productivity!


Discover how to put yourself in the driving seat 

  • transform stress and anxiety to calm

  • respond rather than react

  • turn conflict and blame to communication

  • transform distracted, scattered mind to clarity

  • turn disjointed thoughts to insights

  • cultivate present moment awareness 

Energy, created at the cellular level, is our life resource. Even your thoughts and emotions carry energy affecting how you feel in your body. 


Have you ever noticed that when you have negative thoughts and emotions, you feel low energy and sense of being weigh down. On the other hand, when you are positive, your energy levels increase with a renewed sense of drive and motivation.


Our work address

  • how to transform your energy: we teach methods help increase and change your energy

  • how to connect to key drivers of your energy.


Discover how to

  • release what is holding you back - unhelpful thought patterns, self-imposed limitations and negative emotions

  • enhance creativity and motivation

  • activate body’s innate relaxation response

  • increase inner peace 

  • experience joy, perhaps in a way you have not noticed before

Have you ever asked yourself, 

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