What 4 Women Learned From Quitting Their Jobs With Nothing Else Lined Up

I am super excited to be featured in Allbright, pre-eminent global community for women and careers, as one of the four high flying professionals who chosen to change their careers driven by burnout with confidence and conviction.

Burnout - involving energy depletion or exhaustion, mental distance from one's job and negativism - is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a worrying trend.

There is a growing awareness of the need to prioritise our mental and physical health, which is also key to our success in the workplace and having career longevity.

For me, I decided to quit finance because of stress induced burn-out, which caused temporary paralysis of my motor functions.

This set me on a path to explore holistic health tools, also utilising my background in medicine as a Qualified Nurse.

Thanks to the astounding transformation I witnessed in my mental health through conscious breathing (aka breathwork) and mindfulness, I embarked on 5 years of training as a Mindfulness Teacher and Breath Coach with globally recognised experts and institutions around the world.

Quitting my finance job was absolutely the right decision at the time to restore my health to such a severe burnout. However, I wish I's had better knowledge of stress and the right tools to manage it before it escalated to burnout.

Proactive management of stress with the practical tools is the key. I am passionate to share these with others.

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