“Melike has an incredible calming presence and is a great listener. I was extremely nervous coming to session but she made me feel completely at ease right from the start.

I work in finance and am under intense pressure everyday. I wanted to try breath because at few occasions I noticed that I was holding my breath. Almost needed to remind myself to breathe again. I find myself increasingly unable to deal with work pressures and carrying it to my personal life. I found it difficult to switch off.

Even after my first session with Melike, I started to notice my breath and learned to use it to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way. I feel stronger and in control every day. My performance visibly improved because I am no longer victim of stress and know how to manage it whatever happens. I am a much happier person at work and at home thanks to breath.

I recommend Melike to everyone wholeheartedly. Thanks Melike for sharing your magic with me. Thanks breath.”

Jamie K. – Director in a Financial Services Firm, London

”We ran a Conscious Mindful Breathing workshop with Melike this year. She is very professional in her approach and especially positive. She linked scientific facts about breathing and gave enough space for everyone to experience each exercise based on their own needs. Most importantly, I left the workshop with the encouragement of being equipped with various breathing tools and insights which I can use in my everyday life. Receiving follow-up information was the bonus after the workshop. I can deeply recommend Melike and her breathing workshops.” 

Dilek Sesli Co-Founder of Refresh Yourself and Founder of Green Experience

“Melike is a healer. Her knowledge, skill, intuition and pride in her work – all perfect. You helped me to transform my life. Continue with your inspired work.”

Sarah P.  – Academic, London

“I worked with Melike to run ‘Discover the Power of Your Breath for Health, Wellbeing and Balance’ event. I reached out to Melike as I thought Breathing could be very relevant to my audience who often goes through personal challenges. Melike was diligent in preparing the workshop. Her way of explaining was simple yet very effective. There was a lot of engagement from the group, who even interacted among themselves. Melike was very helpful in teaching the exercises and took her time to engage with each participant, who gave very positive feedback following event and expressed keen interest to have follow-up session with her. I would highly recommend Melike’s workshops and services to individuals and organisations and look forward to organising another event later in the year.”

Ebru Aksit Co-Founder of DWB

“I had a breath session before and found it helpful but wanted to try someone else. Then my friend recommended Melike and I booked a session. What a find. She is very intelligent, intuitive, professional yet very gentle and welcoming. Just by observing my breath, she cleverly identified a behavioural pattern. Though I never thought about it, once she picked up on it, I was able to see how it was affecting my life. In one instance, just like that certain aspects of my life made sense to me. I have experienced very power release and realisations during our session. Amazing experience. I want more of it and will book for more.

Melike’s session was very informative. Despite my previous experience, thanks to Melike I learned so much more about breath. Melike truly works to empower people to use breath everyday for themselves. Thanks to her, I use breath everyday and feel much happier and peaceful. Thank you Melike.”

Janine C. – Lawyer, London

“Melike is extremely professional in her approach and welcoming. Right from at the door, she is making me feel safe and comfortable throughout the session.

I enjoy her gentle guidance during the session which keeps me on track. Melike is empathetic in everyway. The sessions I had with Melike have been extremely powerful – physically, emotionally and spiritually. In fact I find my sessions with Melike life changing – like peeling all the layers of an onion. I am peeling off the layers that I have suppressed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Melike to others so that they can benefit from such a caring, compassionate person through her passion in her breath work. Thanks Melike. And thanks for all the useful tips.

Elaine S.C. – Wholistic Health Practitioner, London

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