Learning to Breathe Correctly and to Control your Breath are the key

Let's hear from Prof. EMMA SEPPÄLÄ, Science Director at the Stanford University.

In her TED Talk, she explains that you can change how you feel, think and act simply by learning to control and use your breathing!’ 

She adds that through the latest published scientific research, Breathing practices confirmed to have immediate and positive effects on psychological well-being, as well as on physiological markers of well-being, such as blood pressure and heart rate. With breathing practices, we simply feel better and they place our bodies in a significantly healthier state.

Furthermore, she notes that the long-term effects of a daily breathing practice are even more pronounced. By activating the part of our nervous system associated with “resting and digesting” (the parasympathetic nervous system), breathing practices “train” the body to be calmer. Deep breathing has even been found to reduce pain.

The little known, yet immensely powerful secret to Peace of Mind

" You can change how you feel, think and act simply by controlling and using your Breathing!"

When Stress is continuous, it can cause significant problems even affecting our brain and genetic make-up

Stress is an inevitable and perfectly normal ingredient in our lives. Stress isn't always a bad thing; it can be useful for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you're playing a competitive sport or have to speak in public.

As Madhumita Murgia, award-winning journalist and TedXspeaker, explains in her TED Talk, when stress is continuous, it actually begins to change both

  • your brain (its size, structure and how it functions) and

  • genes with implications for generations. 

Stress (or 'Fight of Flight' mode) is one side of our Autonomic Nervous System. The other side is Rest (or 'Rest & Digest" mode). The key to our health and wellbeing is to ensure that there is a balance between these two states, and we give our body time to restore itself from the effect of Stress.


We have the answer right under our nose!

The little known, yet immensely powerful secret to Peace of Mind

Breathing is the most powerful, fast acting and readily available tool you have in restoring your body's balance, rest and repair mode"

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