Breathzone's Unique Approach

When it comes to learning How to Breathe Correctly and Breathing Techniques, One Size Does Not Fits All!

You might have heard of the term Breath-works, widely used to refer to Breathing classes, workshops etc. 

In fact, Breath-works is an umbrella term referring to large number of breathing techniques and practices, each with specific emotional, physical and mental impact. 

But, do you know,

  • which of these breathing techniques and practices are right for you to help you achieve your goals? 

  • if the breathing technique you try is effective and safe for you?

After all, each of us have unique breathing pattern, have different background and objectives. So, when it comes to Breathing, one size does not fits all!

Our unique approach

We offer multi-disciplinary, science based bespoke solutions to our clients. 

  •  In BREATHZONE, we always start with you in mind. 

In the first session, we spend time to understand each client and carry out analysis of their existing breathing pattern and diaphragm (key breathing muscle) function. Based on these, we customise and deliver breathing techniques and practices, specifically chosen for them. 

Because we are trained in multiple Breathing disciplines, we are not depended on one Breathing technique in terms of our work.

We offer the most effective, safe and targeted breathing sessions to take our clients from where they are and where they want to be.

  • Our aim is to empower our clients with comprehensive and effective learning experience for long-lasting change.


  • Breathzone is proud to be the first and only company offering complete Breath-works solutions. 

Our work starts with helping our clients to build strong foundations by helping them

dismantle any limiting elements in their existing breathing such as shallow breath, upper chest breathing, breath holding etc and

- build the 'Correct Breathing Pattern', which is the most anatomically correct way of breathing and therefore a key stepping stone to enhance not only our client’s health and wellbeing but also development of their Breathing practice.

Once the correct foundation is built, our work then focus on helping our clients to develop their breathing practice and gain mastery of their Breath. 

  •  Breathzone has a scientific approach to the solutions we offer, which are carefully selected based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology.

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