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The individual and unique nature of each Service means, there can be no guarantee of a cure or a specific result or outcome.

We may take notes during the services rendered. All data relating to you will all times be kept secure.

We are members of the Transformational Breath Foundation UK (TBFUK) and all our work must comply with its standards and ethics. TBFUK can be contacted at


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The user assumes all responsibility and risk (including but not limited to all direct and indirect loss and injuries) as a result of using or relying on any information and Content provided or Services rendered (which is defined as including but not limited to one to one, couple, group Transformation Breath Session and Corporate Wellness Programmes, information and advice provided prior to, during and after such a session via email, orally and any other verbal or oral format including but not limited to communications through social media and communication applications – online, desktop and mobile).

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