Overcome Sleep Related Issues and Sleep Well With Breathwork | Instagram LIVE Breathwork series

 9 December, Thursday
18:00pm – 18:30 pm 
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Join me to learn and experience Breathwork techniques addressing all aspects of your wellbeing, health and beauty – inside and out.

In this 4-part Instagram LIVE series, I will share with you science-backed and medically safe BREATHWORK techniques addressing all aspects of your wellbeing, health and beauty - inside and out.

To join, follow me in Instagram, @Breathzonelondon.

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Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake up at night and unable to go back to sleep again? Do you feel tired in the morning? Do you wish to sleep better waking up refreshed and fully motivated to take on the day.

Not being able to sleep well takes its toll on all aspects of our health and wellbeing, affecting how we feel and look.

In this IG Live event, I will share with you the science behind some of our most common sleep problems such as difficultly in going to sleep, unable to fall back asleep when wake up during the night and insomnia.

I will also explain the key role breathing practices play in supporting good restful sleep.

You will experience and benefit from guided breathwork practices, specifically selected for their science-backed benefits to banish sleepless nights.

Breathwork and its various breathing techniques are now being recognised for their benefits by anyone interested in optimising their well-being and performance from elite athletes to city executives.

Join us in this IG Live to learn and experience how you can use breathwork for your health and beauty inside and outside.