Breathwork for Wellbeing, Stress Reduction and Anxiety Management

Join me in this special collaboration with the City of Westminster Libraries & Archives.

I will be sharing two in-person Breathwork workshops with you, within the beautiful Charing Cross Library, in the heart of London on 3rd and 4th December.

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In our hectic lives and busy careers, we often experience stress, anxiety, feel tense and even overwhelmed. We instinctively know that taking a deep breath will help us to calm down. But there is more to breathing than meets the eye.

We breathe up to 25,000 times a day and it is the key bridge linking mind and body.

Breathing is scientifically proven to be the most important neuro-hacking tool, capable of helping us to manage and alleviate stress and anxiety, to create a calm and clear mind, to improve all aspects of physical health and even to boost cognitive performance such as concentration and memory.

In this experiential workshop, you will learn the science behind breathing practices and their proven benefits on your wellbeing and mental health.

You will also learn and experience science-backed breathing techniques designed to help you feel energised, grounded and centred.

Through these practices you will be able to gain a sense of deep connection to your body and calm and declutter your busy mind - delivering immediately noticeable results within minutes.

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We will enjoy these workshops within a wonderful drawing exhibition - 'Art From Within' by Esra Kizir Gokcen.

Esra will be at hand, offering a short complimentary meditative drawing session at the end of our Breathwork workshops. Please feel free to stay and enjoy a wonderful drawing session.