Breathwork For Burnout During Menopause

 16 June, Thursday 
 7pm – 8pm (GMT)
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Burnout is a less-discussed aspect of menopause for some of us. This workshop will be a mixture of the science and practical tips to get you started. Join me for insightful, experiential workshop.

I am super excited to team up with MPowder and their renowned Meno-Well Programme, presenting this Breathwork workshop.

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Burnout is a less-discussed aspect of menopause for some of us - but a critical one.

Tangled with sleeplessness, anxiety and mood swings, it can lead to loss of confidence, a slow departure of individuals in midlife from the workforce... and far-ranging impact on day to day life.

But there is an emerging literature pointing to the link between menopause as a contributing factor to symptoms of burnout. And the potential of side-effect free interventions available to us - including Mindfulness, Breathwork and relaxation techniques.

This workshop, led by breathwork expert Melike Hussein, will look at how our biochemical transition can contribute to feelings of overwhelm and burnout.

We'll also look at the mindfulness and breathwork techniques that can help us in managing common menopause symptoms.

The session will end with a practical session demonstrating techniques we may want to add to our everyday.