Build Your Resilience, Take Control  Back  from Stress, Worry and Anxious Thoughts

Thrive in work and daily life with a vast practical Breathwork and Mindfulness toolkit

Do you struggle to switch off from work or quieten your busy mind? Experience stress, anxiety or mood changes, and want to better manage them? Struggle to meditate? Want to learn more about Breathwork and turn it into habit? Want to experience powerful synergy of Breathwork and Mindfulness when practiced together?

Then this unique course is for you!

Join me in this ’first course of its kind’ course, combining Breathwork and Mindfulness – two most powerful, effective and scientifically proven wellbeing tools.

Described as ‘LIFE CHANGING’ by previous participants, this course was created to help you develop your own practical toolkit of Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork techniques and practices.

My own “LIFE CHANGING” experience of complete transformation from a severe stress-induced burn-out, which left me paralysed, to health is the driving force behind why I created this unique course. I would like to share these transformational tools with you.

In this course, you will learn the unique combination of the selected Breathwork and Mindfulness tools that transformed my own life and lives of previous course participants.

You will feel empowered to combat stress and be able to find calm in real-time, centred with a clear and focused mind, be more in control of your thoughts and emotions, and respond to situations rather than react throughout the day.

Our group will be led by me. I am Melike Hussein, mindfulness and breathwork expert and qualified Nurse. I bring my 16 years of training experience in holistic health and medicine.

Through WhatsApp support from me during the course, you are in safe hands and have the best immersive learning environment.

Join our supportive and friendly group, from the comfort of your home.


  • Week 1) Learning to Choose: React vs. Respond
  • Week 2) Discover how to be present: Doing vs Being
  • Week 3) Taking control of your thoughts and mind
  • Week 4) Noticing pleasures and positive experiences: Balance the Negativity Bias
  • Week 5) Emotional regulation and Kindness to self
  • Week 6) Building deeper self-awareness and how to incorporate your new toolkit into your life



  • Upon completion of your registration, you will gain 24/7 access to BreathZone virtual platform and to Welcome and Orientation sections with information and activities
  • FREE 6 months (180 days) access to platform and to online course materials
  • 6.5 hours of LIVE TEACHING by Melike
  • Over 300 minutes of guided practice (audio and video) for your self-practice
  • 20 Breathwork guided practices, between 3-20 minutes, across 8 core breathwork techniques
    • Awareness and Anchor
    • Diaphragmatic Breathing
    • Resistance Breathing
    • Physiological Sigh
    • Paced Cadence Breathing
    • Triangle Breathing
    • Coherence Breathing
    • Transformational Breath ®
  • 14 Meditation guided practices, between 5-15 minutes, across 6 core meditations
    • Body Scan
    • Mindfulness of Breathing
    • Being with Unwanted Experiences
    • Working with Thoughts
    • Letting in the Good
    • Kindness to Self
  • Live Classes Recorded, allowing you catch up at a time suits you. Don’t worry if you can’t make every class.
  • WhatsApp support from Melike, your teacher, and access to her expertise in Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Certificate of Completion from Melike and BreathZone.
  • Access to a supportive Facebook community where you can ask any questions.



  • Weekly LIVE CLASSES (1.5 hrs) will kick start your learning and experience of techniques covering a different topics.
  • Guided practices led by Melike in LIVE classes will help you build your Breathwork and Meditation skills
  • Building your new wellbeing habits, starting with a daily self-practice of only 10 minutes. Gradually building to 20 minutes or more. consolidating the experiential learning in each live class
  • Attendance to LIVE classes are recommended. But don’t worry, if you can’t make it.  Live Classes Recorded, allowing you catch up at a time suits you. So get 100% benefit of the course.
  • WhatsApp support from Melike, your teacher, and access to her expertise in Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation



Breathwork and Mindfulness are two core elements of all wellness tools from yoga, running to chi gong and martial arts.

As a stand-alone practices, both Breathwork and Mindfulness have strength as well as shortcomings in offering us a complete toolkit to support our health and wellbeing.

Shortcoming of each tool is being supported by the strength of the other. This is why when learned and practiced together they deliver the most effective toolkit, supporting creation of new habits and long-term change in how we look after our body and mind. Let’s have a look how these disciplines create the complete toolkit.


(+) is the best tool to change the nervous system and control our experiences. Delivering immediate results. So, we can turn stress into calm, tension into relaxation and being wired-up into restful sleep.

(-) Breathwork does not allow us to understand ‘under the hood’ of our experiences such as why we get stressed or triggered by certain events, while others do not?

This is where Mindfulness and Meditation tools and practices I teach will allow you to take back control from ‘auto-pilot’ (of automatic perfections and reactions that drive our experiences of stress, anxiety)



(+) equip us with the best tools to prevent stress, worry and anxiety. It teaches us take control from ‘auto-pilot’ through awareness of awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

(-) Meditation may not be easy to practice for some, which can be an issue, especially when we have limited time (calm your nerves before an event) or need immediate result (calm an anxiety)

This is where Breathwork skills and tools I teach will allow you to take control of your experiences in real-time.


This is why this unique I teach has been described by “LIFE CHANGING” by  previous participants.

My own “LIFE CHANGING” experience of complete transformation from a severe stress-induced burn-out, which left me paralysed, to health is the driving force behind why I created this unique course.

In this course, you will learn the unique combination of the selected Breathwork and Mindfulness tools that transformed my own life and lives of previous course participants.



Melike Hussein is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Conscious Breathwork Coach and a Qualified Nurse.

She brings her 16 years of training (medical, mindfulness and breathwork) and extensive field experience with her clients, delivering a science-based and safe solutions to her clients.

Melike is the founder of BreathZone, a wellness company dedicated to optimise individual and employee health, wellbeing and performance combining scientifically proven tools of Breathwork (aka Conscious Breathing), Mindfulness and Meditation with the medical science.

Her holistic health journey started following 15 years of successful career as Finance Director. A stress-induced burnout left her temporarily paralysed with loss of her speech and movement.

Astounded by the complete transformation in her body and mind within a short space of time, thanks to Breathwork and Mindfulness practices, Melike was inspired share them with others. In both fields, she trained with world-renowned masters, institutions and Medical Doctors, conducting research in their fields.

Widely featured in broadsheets and publications, Melike works with private clients, institutions and corporations, offering one to one sessions, bespoke trainings,  public events and courses.

Melike works with her clients in a wide range of subjects including Stress and Anxiety management; Building Resilience; Preventing Burnout; Tackling sleep-related issues and Sleep well; Menopause health and wellbeing, Training attention and focus for efficiency and elevating work performance.



Life changing

“Amazing teacher! I really enjoyed having Melike as my teacher. Learned so much from her. I have already so highly recommended her to everyone I know. It is an amazing course that changes your life”

– Eliza


Given me the tools to take control back from Autopilot

“A large part of my life has been functioning on autopilot in addition to having difficulties managing my own emotions, often reacting as opposed to responding.

The course has given me the tools to take back control and be consciously present in my daily tasks. I feel more alert and in tune with my own body and am able to draw on the tools throughout the day without needing a special place in which to practice mindfulness meditation.”

– Rabeya 


This course gave me just what I needed. It WORKS!

“At the beginning of this journey I wasn’t sure whether I should try to see a therapist to talk through some of my anxieties as I was feeling low and stressed about the world and my place in it.

I have always been interested in how the Breath affects me and I wanted to look at this in more detail. I liked that the course offered mindfulness and breathwork as this seemed a great combination. 

My mind can be over active and cause me a lot of unnecessary stress. This course has been carefully worked out and each stage connects so beautifully with the next session.

I now feel that I have some brilliant tools in my toolkit that I can draw on, a wide range of practices to suit all occasions and I am so much more mindful of so many situations that I find myself in.

My self-confidence has definitely grown and I find myself being so much kinder to myself taking time out to pause and breathe and reflect on my behaviour and how that impacts on my family and friends and out into the wider community.

I felt totally safe in the hands of a very experienced and empathetic group facilitator. Exploring myself through mindfulness and breathwork has given me just what I need at this stage in my life and hopefully for the rest of my life.

I have always been unsure about joining groups and I wasn’t sure how this would work online but from the first session I was immediately put at ease with the energy and compassion that came oozing out of Melike Hussein. 

Her presence creates a caring and calming environment and she facilitates each session with care and concern about each of the participants. 

She has an incredible zest for life and her passion and knowledge on this subject is very infectious and one can’t help be carried away by it and it WORKS !! I am very grateful to have stumbled on this amazing course and to have spent eight informative and fun filled evenings with Melike.

– Lindsey 

Strongly recommend this course

“I strongly recommend anyone feeling anxious and/or stressed in their daily life to attend this course. 

The course is a good balance between theory and practice. Breathwork and mindfulness complement each other, so it was great to learn and practice both. 

This course gives you a handy toolkit on how to manage stress and bring more joy to your life. I found the live lessons together with self-practice very useful.”

– Kadri

My self-awareness increased

“Melike gave me such an insight into how the brain works with thoughts and breaking everything down for us to understand. It has opened up so many paths for me in terms of solutions to anxiety.

Now I understand my thought process better, understand why I get anxious and know how to deal with it.”

– Henrietta 

Gained a new perspective

“I achieved a long lasting and positive change in my perspective.

Melike was an excellent teacher. She is very clear, kind and knowledgeable, delivering an excellent course”

– Daisy


➡️  FAQs

▪️  Is this course suitable for me?

Yes. It is suitable for all adults. Breathing techniques and Meditations I will teach and you will experience can easily be practiced easily.

However, if you have a pre-existing health condition, please consult with your doctor before attending.

▪️  Do I need previous Breathwork and/or Meditation experience?

No. It is suitable for participants with no previous experience. This course equally suited to experienced breathers and meditators, who will benefit from extensive array of NEW techniques and practices.

▪️  What if I struggle to meditate?

 I hear this very often – people being worried about their busy mind and whether it would make it difficult to meditate.

Don’t worry. In this course, I will share with you specific breathing techniques to help calm your mind, allowing you effortlessly transition to meditation.

In fact, this synergy between Breathwork and Mindfulness is one of the reasons of why I brought them together in this unique course.

▪️  What if I start and then lose my motivation. What kind of motivational support this course offers?

In this course you will have plenty of support from me, your peers and though the carefully designed structure of the course. Let’s have a quick look at each of them.

  • WhatsApp support from me– you and each member of our group has direct access to me throughout the course for your questions, queries or just to sound out how your self-practice is going. This one to one support is so important to me and specifically for this reason, I keep the group size of each course intake small.
  • Support from your peers– the online learning platform I use allow group members to communicate as often as they want. You can share your experiences with the group and learn from others. A small course group offers a safe and collaborative space for us to learn and thrive together.
  • Structure of the course – the course is delivered over 6 weeks combining weekly LIVE ZOOM classes and your daily self-practice. You will find that have access to rich course materials on our online learning platform, enabling you to maintain your engagement and curiosity throughout.

▪️  Do I need to have a special environment or anything else ready?

To have the best immersive experience, I recommend you to find a comfortable and quiet space that you will not be disturbed during this event.

During the session, you can practice the breathwork techniques in a seated position, on a chair, sofa or floor.

For one or two of the techniques, you may find it more comfortable to practice lying down. In our session, I will remind you which techniques can be practiced lying down. Please have a comfortable space to lay down and breathe. A blanket and pillow can make the your experience more comfortable.

Ahead of each LIVE Class, you will receive a WELCOME email, informing you if something specific needs to be brought to class.

▪️  What can I wear?
Wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothes – not restricting the belly and chest – are particularly suitable.