‘And Breathe’ – Weekly online breathwork classes

Weekly classes started on 16 April up to and including the last session on 28 May 2020
6 pm – 7pm

We can all feel adrift in times like these, so learning how to practice naturally meditative and calming breathwork techniques is not only a useful tool for grounding yourself.

We can all feel adrift in times like these, so learning how to practice naturally meditative and calming breathwork techniques is not only a useful tool for grounding yourself and soothing anxiety, but to join a community and connect with like minded people to share and create unique energy and experiences of each class together as a group.

Join Breathzone for a weekly, hour-long class and learn how to achieve an optimal breathing pattern, as well as relax in a safe space, within the comfort of your home.

In each class you will be guided through Breathzone Breathwork practices, which are also selected for their qualities to boost your health and immune system.

This session is designed to shift the stress and anxieties we are all feeling, give your health and immune system a robust boost, detoxify your body, energise, strip away any mind clutter and distraction and perhaps connect to yourself.

Join us to awaken your senses and experience your breathing in a way that perhaps you never experienced before. 


- Do I need anything?

These classes are online and will be broadcast over a video platform. Upon registration, you will be sent an event link and information on how to connect.

You will need a form of electronic equipment (mobile, tablet, computer) to access our online classes.

Using headphones may help you to have a more immersive experience.

You will ideally be in a quiet place and something comfortable to lie down on such as a yoga mat and a pillow, as we will do our practice lying down. You may also keep a blanket handy to keep yourself warm as needed.

- Are these classes suitable for me?

Suitable for all ages over 14 years-old. Please contact your facilitator at melike@breathzone-2.indystack.dev for further information.

- Do I need previous experience for these online classes?

Suitable for participants with no previous breath-work experience and experienced breathers alike.

- If I miss few classes, can I still join in or continue?

Of course. You can join in at any time you like. Though we encourage you to join in as many classes as you can to get the maximum benefit. In Breathwork, as in other endeavours of life, practice make it better.

Your facilitator may also introduce new breathing techniques to different classes. You can enhance your learning and breathwork repertoire by joining as many online classes as you can.


Melike is a Certified Transformational Conscious Breathing ® Coach and founder of Breathzone.

Following a distinguished academic background and over a decade of corporate experience in finance leadership roles, Melike experienced a huge shift in health and wellbeing thanks to Breathing and Mindfulness practices. Passionate about sharing these powerful resources to help others thrive, Melike founded Breathzone.

She trained with world renowned experts, organisations and medical doctors in Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness.

Melike works with companies, institutions and public offering bespoke Conscious Breath and Mindfulness-At-Work sessions and workshops.