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Breathing Practices are the most important tools for employee wellbeing

We constantly hear about the benefits of a regular mindfulness and meditation practice. But the foundation of these practices is breathing deeply, tuning into, and working with the breath. 

Through numerous scientific studies across the world, it's been consistently proven that there are two key elements to Breath's immense power of controlling our Automatic Nervous System:

  • Learning to Breathe Correctly, which is the most anatomically correct way of breathing, and

  • Knowing how to control one's Breath

In Breathzone's Corporate Offering, we precisely address these two key elements, empowering your teams with the learning and new skills for long-term change.

Invite us for an Introductory session in your workplace to discover our work and to discuss how we can help your organisation to achieve its objectives.

Our Bespoke Services help empower your teams and benefit your business

In Breathzone, we are proud of offering unique and bespoke solutions to our clients based on their needs and requirements.

We help your team members to

  • manage stress and anxiety in a proactive and constructive way

  • mentally prepare for events out of their comfort zone such as public speaking

  • train their attention and improve their focus

  • enhance their creativity, efficiency and productivity

  • take charge of their own emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing

We empower your teams with the most effective, safe and powerful breathing techniques that they can use

  • anytime (even during their commute, physical exercise and home etc)

  • anywhere (even during meetings and sitting at their desks)

  • quickly (some techniques can be super effective even with 30 seconds of practice)

  • discreetly

  • for range of needs from energising to calming.

We offer our Signature Classes and Workshops conveniently in the workplace or in our select wellbeing centres in London

30 minute to 2-hour Transformational Conscious Breathing © sessions with the most effective, quick acting and easy to use breathing techniques bespoke to our client’s needs. 

These exercises are carefully selected for your teams to use on their own or in combination as well as within and outside of the workplace.

Our sessions (individual and group) don’t need any special clothing or equipment and can be adopted to available space in your office – from communal space to meeting rooms.

We also offer our sessions in the best wellbeing centres in London. In our partner centres, you will find wonderful spaces catering to your brand and team’srequirements. 

Additionally, the following services are available

Half-day to full-day off-site wellbeing days in either our partner wellness centres in London, collaborating with experts in the fields of Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition or in your selected location.


Testimonials from our clients

Melike’s Breathing workshop allowed us to carve a few hours out of our hectic lives and truly create a peaceful sanctuary. 

Her ability to explain, describe and draw on personal experiences enabled us to apply the techniques to our own individual circumstances and each to benefit in a unique way.

Teaching such a disparate group of individuals, with widely varying degrees of experience was a challenge Melike successfully rose to and we left the workshop feeling peaceful and more in control of our lives. 

   - Nicola Rawlinson, Killik & Co

     Award Winning Wealth and Asset Management Company

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