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" In the current climate requiring remote working, isolation, anxiety, challenges of maintaining work and daily life in the same space (too many distractions), as well as fear of unknown are real problems faced by many employees.

This is the time when investing in employee well-being and productivity, providing with them with powerful self-management tools, are crucial.

Let's discuss how Breathzone can help your teams, employees and business.


All our trainings are fully Online, available in real-time across the world. "

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Mindfulness, when practiced correctly and consistently, is the best method to Train the Mind.


However, many participants receiving traditional Mindfulness training find it difficult to establish its link to real-life applications, especially how they can use it to optimise their performance.


This is a huge missed opportunity, especially for busy professionals and businesses,  operating in fast paced environment. 


With our 15 years of corporate experience in finance leadership roles in the UK, we understand this hidden potential. This is where Breathzone's unique approach comes in.

In Breathzone, we make Mindfulness relevant to your teams and applicable to their work

'Understanding and managing attention' are the core of Mindfulness practice and also the most important determinants of business success. 

Breathzone delivers Mindfulness-At-Work trainings helping your teams to learn practical application of three core Mindfulness practices to their work

  • Relaxation - linking body and mind, enabling focus and clarity

  • Focus - sharp attention and awareness of distractions

  • Clarity - of mind

We help your teams not only to boost their well-being but also to manage their attention and sharpen their focus to optimise their performance and raise their awareness. 

"At its core, Mindfulness is mastering your mind to focus your cognitive and sensors resources, helping you optimise your effectiveness and performance in each aspect of your life"

We help your teams to get an edge

By combining

  • the core principles of Mindfulness

  • key scientifically proven techniques such as Meditation, Conscious Breathing, Visualisation, and

  • experiential learning techniques,

we deliver easy to learn and practical training programs. 

Why we use Conscious Breathing in our Mindfulness-At-Work trainings?

We use Conscious Breathing (breathing with awareness and purpose) because

  • It is the foundation of all modern tools that we know and use - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Exercise. 

  • It is the only tool we all have, enabling us to control our Automatic Nervous System and therefore change our Emotional, Mental and Physical state.

In Breathzone's Corporate Offering, we precisely address these two key elements, empowering your teams with the learning and new skills for long-term change.

Discover unique combination Mindfulness and Breathworks

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Our Bespoke Services help empower your teams and benefit your business

In Breathzone, we are proud of offering unique and bespoke solutions to our clients based on their needs and requirements.

We help your team members to

  • manage stress and anxiety in a proactive and constructive way

  • mentally prepare for events out of their comfort zone such as public speaking

  • train their attention and improve their focus

  • enhance their creativity, efficiency and productivity

  • take charge of their own emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing

We empower your teams with the most effective, safe and powerful mindfulness and breathing techniques that they can use

  • anytime (even during their commute, physical exercise and home etc)

  • anywhere (even during meetings and sitting at their desks)

  • quickly (some techniques can be super effective even with 30 seconds of practice)

  • discreetly

  • for range of needs from energising to calming.

Our trainings are now Online!

We deliver Online Mindfulness-At-Work training workshops for groups as well as individuals sessions. Each event may range from 45mins to 2+hrs depending on your specifications and participant's availabilities. 

In this period of great change and working remotely, your teams benefit from new and practical tools to boost their well-being and manage their work effectively whilst working from home.


Joining our online trainings can not be easier. All you need is a quiet space, your headset and willingness to try.


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Testimonials from our clients


Through our collaboration with Melike since beginning of this year, Melike was passionate about helping her clients to discover and connect to two powerful practices, namely Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness. The amount of knowledge and experience she can draw from, including her Breathwork expertise and scientific approach made Mindfulness easier to understand for us. She also showed great resourcefulness in sourcing, gave great instructions and examples during the sessions.

Each session was transformative, enjoyable, educational, inspirational and very well received. Looking forward to seeing what is next for us.'

   - Betul Baykal, BE Consulting

     Management Consultant and Founder of Mindfulness Society

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