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Breathing but not as you know it

Breathing is the only function in our body that both autonomic and is also completely under control. In other words, we can change its depth, flow, pace at will. This is the realm of Conscious Breathing, breathing with awareness and purpose to tap into its natural power. 

Breathworks is an umbrella terms for variety of conscious breathing techniques and practices, each with specific emotional, physical and mental impact.

In Breathworks, one size does not fit all!


Power of your Breathing, over your mind and body,  lies in your ability to breathe correctly and to consciously control it at will.

Each of us have unique breathing pattern, have different background and objectives. Therefore, breathwork practices suitable for one, may not benefit you in achieving your goals or may not be even safe for you.

This is why, in Breathzone we developed two key breathworks offerings, combining years of field experience with thousands of clients and formal trainings with world renowned masters,  institutions and medical doctors.


We are proud to deliver the best and long-lasting changes for our clients. 

" We each have unique breathing patterns, backgrounds and objectives. 

This is why in Breathzone, we customise each aspect of our work to you " 

Breathzone Breathwork Offerings

Our signature work. It is a a truly unique complete system of Breathing and Mindfulness solutions, combining our vast reservoir of breathing techniques and practices.


New or experienced breather

If you are new to breathworks, this is the ideal starting point for you as it is designed to take you from foundations to mastery.

If you are an experienced breather, sessions will be customised to build and develop your mastery.

It is bespoke to you. Each session is customised to your needs, background and objectives.

Designed to put you in charge of your mind and body

Our signature work is designed to help you to

  • make the master of your breathing, with ability to control each aspect of it

  • learn the Correct Breathing Pattern, the most anatomically correct way of breathing,

  • manage your Emotional, Mental and Physical state of being

  • build resilience and manage stress in a positive and proactive way

  • train your attention, boost clear thinking, creativity and performance

  • enhance your physical performance and health

We offer

Our work is fully online, offering 

  • 1-2-1 sessions

  • weekly classes

Transformational Breath® is a deep, therapeutic breathing technique. It is recognised as the key breathing technique helping individuals in their journey of self-discovery and growth.

New or experienced breather

In Breathzone, we customise our sessions to you.


If you are new to breathworks and want to address all aspects of your practice, we are happy to add foundational practices into your Transformational Breath sessions.


Our aim is to optimise impact and benefits of your each session. 

Designed for step-change & growth

Transformational Breath technique  is designed to help you to

  • identify and transform patterns of behaviours and self-limiting thoughts no longer serving you.

  • discover and enhance your unique qualities to enhance all aspects of your life

  • access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.

We offer

Our work is fully online, offering 

  • 1-2-1 sessions

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