Let's start with one fundamental question. Who is really in charge?


At any given moment, your thoughts, emotions and in turn your actions, are decided by the constant communication between your Mind and Body through the messenger, Autonomic Nervous System. 


This behind the scenes and unconscious dynamic dictates all aspects of your life, unless you take proactive active steps to influence or even change it.

To put yourself in the driving seat, you need to take charge of your state of mind and body through two key mechanisms - changing the messages sent from body to mind and influencing the messenger (autonomic nervous system).


The easiest and fastest way to activate these mechanisms is your Breathing! It is the most powerful tool you have, to put yourself in charge of your body and mind!


Yet, it seems so ordinary that many of us are not aware of how we breathe and have even forgotten how to breathe correctly!

" Breathing is the most powerful tool you have to put yourself in charge of your mind and body "

Do all type of Breathing patterns have the same beneficial impact on the nervous system?

Short answer is no. If you are breathing in a limited or dysfunctional pattern such as breath holding, shallow breathing, upper chest breathing, you may inadvertently put your body and mind on high alert, triggering stress response.

If you want to direct your state of being to calm, balance, focus and performance, there are two keys: 

  • Breathing Consciously, with awareness and purpose, and

  • Breathing in the Correct Breathing Pattern, which is the most anatomically correct way of breathing

This what sets Breathzone apart too. We work with our clients to build the foundations of and develop these two key breathing attributes.

What else?

Breathing consciously and correctly are the foundation of your health and wellbeing.

They benefit every system and function of your body from improving circulatory, digestive, immune, reproductive systems, cognitive abilities, to posture and sleep quality.


On the other hand, scientific studies revealed that people with breathing problems have a much higher risk of developing anxiety and depression than the general population.

" If you want to invest in your wellbeing and optimise your performance in all aspects of your life, look no further than your Breathing! "

What is Mindfulness at its core? and How it applies to real-life?

In Breathzone, we make each learning and experience relevant and applicable to our client's lives and their work, giving them an edge.

So here is the essence of Mindfulness, that will change your life, Mastering your mind to focus your cognitive and sensors resources to optimise your effectiveness and performance in each aspect of your life. Helping you cultivate mental qualities such as presence, sharp focus, open awareness, patience, kindness and acceptance. 


Rewiring your mind in this way will help you to respond mindfully to every situation in your life, rather than reverting to negative or unhelpful habits such as distracted mind, inability to focus, inability to identify distractors, acting on impulse, rejection and communication problems.

Imagine what a massive difference, training your mind in such a powerful and positive way, can make to your work and personal lives!!!

" At its core, Mindfulness is mastering your mind to focus your cognitive and sensors resources to optimise your effectiveness and performance in each aspect of your life"

Why in Breathzone, we combine Mindfulness and Breathing in our work?

Because they are two sides of the same coin, enhancing the effectiveness of each other and serving the same purpose!


Together, they put you, rather than your external and internal environment, in charge of your actions and results achieved. 

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