September 3, 2019

We have an intuitive understanding that the breath can regulate our mind and emotions. Most of us have either told others or been told ourselves to “take a deep breath” when things got challenging. 

However, because breathing happens automatically, many of us don’t give the breath as much attention nor have we learned to harness its full potential to calm our minds.

Scientific research is proving our intuition.  We can change how we feel using our breat...

September 1, 2019

Many of my clients are asking what is 'Breath-works'? A term they have been hearing a lot, describing variety of Breathing classes and workshops. 

In this short video, I am explaining this term. Moreover I am also offering two key considerations in choosing the right type of breathing techniques/practices for you.

1) Getting the foundation by learning how to breathe in a 'correct breathing pattern' 

2) Safety

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