Conscious Breathing - Private Sessions (individual and group)

Transformational Conscious Breathing (C) is the ultimate Breathing practice, which is unique to Breathzone.

It is only practice to help you establish the 'Correct Breathing Pattern', which is the most anatomically congruent way of breathing.

Transformational Conscious Breathing (C) follows a multi-disciplinary approach to developing your respiratory system and help you achieve your goals.

In each session, we combine the most effective and safe breathing techniques most suitable to your needs and objectives. In each session, we may change our breathing flow and/or content according to where you are in your practice. It is all about you!

With carefully planned Breathing practices, we 

  • help you dismantle limiting elements in your current breathing pattern such as shallow breathing, breath holding

  • help establish the 'Correct Breathing Pattern' as default

  • help you to manage your Emotional, Mental and Physical state of being

  • build resilience and manage stress in a positive and proactive way,

  • train your attention, boost clear thinking, creativity and performance

  • enhance your physical performance and health

Our Bespoke Approach and Commitment to you

We design and run each session with you in mind.

We customise our sessions for you in every way (your background, medical considerations, your unique breathing pattern and diaphragm function, your goals and expectations) to ensure that you have receive the maximum benefit from each session. 

What to expect 

Each session takes place in a quiet and comfortable room, with a breathing space (with a mat, pillows and blankets prepared for you) where you feel safe and secure.

In the Initial Consultation and Session, you will ​

  • receive a Coaching consultation to establish your background, medical considerations and what would you like to gain from the session.

  • receive a Breathing and Diaphragm function Analysis, which is unique to Breathzone.

With this analysis in the first session, we identify your baseline to help you measure progress. We will share our observations, which will help us to customise the session to you.

  • learn the 'Correct Breathing Pattern' and start to develop it as your default.

  • receive full Transformational Conscious Breathing (C) session, which will last for about 40 minutes to an hour depending on session time including a period of relaxation to allow the process to integrate and complete.

Content, duration and flow of the Subsequent Sessions will be discussed and agreed at the end of Initial Consultation and Session.


In each subsequent session, clients will receive a Breathing and Diaphragm function Analysis to assess development of the Correct Breathing Pattern (vs. your baseline identified in the Initial Session).

Each of us have unique breathing pattern and our experiences in each session will be different. It is best to come with an open mind and not to have any specific expectation.


Sessions are by appointment only. Please email Breathzone or call for more information and to book your session.

Each session (flow and content) will be customised to your particular needs to ensure that you receive the full benefit from each session. Due to this bespoke approach, session duration and costs may differ. 

Initial session, which includes consultation, usually lasts up to 120 minutes allowing to evaluate your unique breath pattern and specific needs. Duration of the subsequent sessions may last up to 75 minutes.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must advise of any changes 24 hours prior to the session or you will be charged the full amount.


BREATHZONE is available in St Margarets (Twickenham). 

We also offers home visits, which are subject to additional charges based on distance. 

Testimonials from our clients

Melike is extremely professional in her approach and welcoming. Right from at the door, she made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the session. 

I enjoyed her gentle guidance during the session which kept me on track. She is empathetic in everyway. 

The sessions I had with Melike have been extremely powerful. In fact I find my sessions with Melike life changing – like peeling all the layers of an onion.

​I would not hesitate to recommend Melike to others so that they can benefit from such a caring, compassionate person through her passion in her breath-work. Thanks Melike. And thanks for all the useful tips.’

 - Elaine SC, Founder of Holistic Treatments

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