1-2-1 sessions with our Signature work



Best immune booster & anxiety buster breathwork practice

In these extraordinary times, due to COVID-19, we highly recommend you to use your breathing as a powerful tool supporting your health and well-being.

Our signature work is the best breathwork practice, due to its unique multi-disciplinary approach combining rich variety of Breathing techniques and practices. 

These sessions are really beneficial allowing us to go very deeply into analysing your breathing pattern, increase your lung's capacity, to shift any anxiety and stress you may be feeling and to help you sleep better.

Moreover, our approach of customising each session to you will ensure that you receive the optimum benefit from this work.

What to Expect 

For our Online 1-2-1 sessions, all you need is a quiet environment, a mat and a pillow (to lie down and relax) and willingness to experience your breath and awareness in a way that perhaps you have not done before.

You will ​receive

  • Coaching consultation to establish your background, medical considerations and what would you like to gain from the session.

  • Breathing Analysis, which is unique to Breathzone. 

    • in the first session, with this analysis we identify your baseline to help you measure progress. We will share our observations, which will help us to customise the session to you.

    • in the following sessions, breathing analysis will be repeated, enabling you to evaluate the impact of self-practice.

  • full Breathing session, which will last for about 30 - 40 minutes depending on the session time including a period of relaxation to allow the process to integrate and complete.

  • self-practice recommendations and supporting information to help you bring your learnings to your everyday life.

You will also have full access to Breathzone team, throughout your journey with us, supporting you in every step.

Each of us have unique breathing pattern and our experiences in each session will be different. It is best to come with an open mind.



In these online sessions, we will help you to feel energised, inspired and confident in proactively managing your daily experiences by using the tools you learn.

Moreover, we can design and deliver bespoke breathwork programmes helping you to achieve specific objectives such as conditioning for performance, breaking anxiety loop, switch from doing to being mode. Let us know what is your objective!

The first session usually lasts around 90 minutes, allowing to evaluate the client’s needs. Subsequent sessions last around 75 minutes. Clients are advised to have min 3 or ideally 6 sessions in order to be able to practice the techniques by themselves on a regular basis.

  • (online) Introductory 1st session | 90 minutes | £130

  • (online) Standard session | 75 minutes | £110 




There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must advise of any changes 24 hours prior to the session or you will be charged the full amount. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Testimonials from our clients

‘Melike is extremely professional in her approach and welcoming. Right from at the door, she made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the session. 

I enjoyed her gentle guidance during the session which kept me on track. She is empathetic in everyway. 

The sessions I had with Melike have been extremely powerful. In fact I find my sessions with Melike life changing – like peeling all the layers of an onion.

​I would not hesitate to recommend Melike to others so that they can benefit from such a caring, compassionate person through her passion in her breath-work. Thanks Melike. And thanks for all the useful tips.’

 - Elaine SC, Founder of Holistic Treatments

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